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Phyllis Phelan - Director

Dear Parents,
Welcome to a new school year! We are anticipating a year filled with learning and excitement. This year will be full of new discoveries and new experiences. Our goal is to challenge our students intellectually, grow them socially, and guide them toward independent thinking and problem solving, all through play activities.

Here Wee Grow! is in its twentieth year of operation. The goal was to create a preschool environment where teachers support the nurturing and learning of your children's needs and where each child's natural curiosity and creatively can develop. Here Wee Grow! is a school dedicated to providing the foundation to encourage a child's life long love of learning.

Here Wee Grow! has been a nationally accredited preschool (NAEYC) since 1997.The accreditation system is more complex and involved than ever before, but Here Wee Grow! takes pride in its accomplishments to maintain this academic distinction.

Communication is an important and vital part of your child' education. We are forming a partnership that will last this year and well into the future. Open and honest communication of thoughts and ideas from both parent and teacher is necessary. It is also in the best interest of the child. Our reward at the end of the year will be to see a happy, healthy, self-confident child who is ready to move on to the next educational experience.

During the year we work on creating a positive learning environment, which allows for each child to move at his or her own pace. Children are given time and space to feel confident and secure in their surroundings. Our experiences are open-ended and encourage each child's imagination to grow. 

Personally, I feel that the more you believe in a child, the more the child will believe in itself. Together, then, we can strive to make new discoveries, learn new things, make new friends and acquire the necessary skills to take us to the next level.

Being from a family of educators - dad was a superintendent of schools and mother a teacher of history and government - I learned early on to expect the best with the people I work with and the children I have in my classroom. They taught me to be consistent, persistent and patient to achieve the goals I set for myself and for my students. And last, but certainly not least, smile. Smiles are like sunshine. They can brighten a day.

Thank you for choosing Here Wee Grow! I look forward to our working together this year. If you have questions or concerns please know that my door is always open.

twenty years
  • Founding director of the Here Wee Grow! 
  • Member of the sponsoring Hazardville United Methodist Church
  • She and husband Tom raised their two children in Enfield
  • The Phelan's have one granddaughter
  • Native Texan
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Education from The University of North Texas
  • Master's Degree in Speech and Language Pathology also from the University of North Texas