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A Note from Our Director, Mrs. Phelan:

It is my honor and privilege to welcome you to the Here Wee Grow! HUMC Preschool web-site. Please take your time to explore what we have to offer your preschool age child. Here Wee Grow! is a Nationally Accredited School and has been since 1997.  We are very proud of this association and work diligently to maintain this honor.

As Director, it is my belief that by working with parents we can make a very successful school year.  It is very important that you as parents, grandparents or extended family members, play an active role in your child’s education.

This school year Here Wee Grow! is using a curriculum called "emergent curriculum" which responds to children's interests. It emerges from the play of children.  Play is a child's work and it is through play that a child learns and grows by exploring the world around them, asking questions, discovering on their own.  As teachers we observe, listen and define interests and invent ways to extend those interests while still being accountable to our goals and objectivies for the school year.  Our curriculum is open ended and spontaneous and builds upon what is relevant to each child.  We use the Early Childhood Learning Standards and the NAEYC Accreditation Standards as the basis for "planning learning experiences to support children's development, gathering information about how each child is progressing and adjusting what is being done to support their continued growth."

Helping children to love learning, discovering new things, respecting our differences, building strong critical and creative thinking skills, is of the utmost importance for our teaching staff. Our staff love children and take pleasure in seeing them question and discover on their own through play. We eagerly partner with parents in helping to shape their children’s lives.

The best way to learn about our program is to come for a visit. I look forward to sharing with you our classrooms, introducing our staff and learning more about our program.


Phyllis Phelan

Director, Here Wee Grow